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Legends of Golf

The Northern Ohio PGA Legends of Golf was established in 1999 to honor those amateur golfers in Northern Ohio who have made great contributions to the game of golf in our area.

Criteria used to select these individuals are they must be 60 years of age and older and must have dedicated their lives to promoting/and or playing the great game of golf.

2010Frank Dobie / Paul Lazoran
2008Teen Burke / Bob Fairchild
2007Judd Silverman / Susan Conley Jenior
2006Tom Strong / Jeanne Pritchard
2005Robert Lewis, Jr. / Clair Doran Stancik
2004John Corso / Charlie Sifford / Betty Peppard
2003George Sweda / George Bellino / Mary Ann Bierman
2002Tom Place / Jim Chapman
2001Tom LaRose / Bob Hamrich
2000Bob Wharton / George Bigham
1999Ed Preisler / Ralph Bond