The Northern Ohio PGA Assistant of the Year Award is the highest honor our Section can bestow on a working Assistant club professional whose total contributions to the game best exemplify the complete PGA Professional. This award embraces a wide range of services executed by the Assistant club professional such as outstanding leadership abilities, strong moral character, and outstanding service to the Association and the game of golf.


2023 Assistant of the Year: Jimmy Hanson

2023Jimmy Hanson
2022Steve Niland
2021Mark Scott, Jr.
2020Adam Stinogle
2019Adam Lewicki
2018Cory Kumpf
2017Asa Donaldson
2016Tim Perin
2015Casey Schrader
2014Garrett Korte
2013Dan Banks/Karen Paolozzi
2012David Morgan
2011Bill McKinley
2010Joe Leenheer
2009Mark Sierak
2008Jon Jones
2007Dwayne Randall
2006Dean Diberardino
2005Michael Pickett
2004Brian Sparks
2003David Pfeiffer
2002Ron DeJacimo
2001Craig Bretzlaff
1997Joe Borawski