The Bill Strausbaugh Award is designed to recognize PGA Professionals who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves by mentoring their fellow PGA Professionals in improving their employment situations and through service to the community.They must demonstrate an extensive record of service to the Section and the Association, proven leadership ability, have extensive involvement in civic activities and local charitable causes within the community.


2023 Bill Strausbaugh Award Winner: Cory Kumpf

Year Winner
2023Cory Kumpf
2022Mark Bixler
2021Bill McKinley
2020Bob Barto
2019Ron DeJacimo
2018Mitch Camp
2017Tom Waitrovich
2016Scott Sundstrom
2015Joe Leenheer
2014Joe Leenheer
2013Rob Moss
2012Rob Moss
2011Scott Sundstrom
2010Mike Heisterkamp
2009David Engram
2008Judd Stephenson
2007Charlie Wood
2006Chad Seymour
2005Joe Flogge
2004Judd Stephenson
2003Dominic Antenucci
2002Dominic Antenucci
2001Dominic Antenucci
2000Tom Waitrovich
1999Frank Wharton
1998Tim Lemons
1997Gregg Matthus
1996Gregg Matthus
1995Gregg Matthus
1993Don Padgett II
1991Don Perne
1990Rod Johnston
1989Jerry Boykin
1988Larry Shute
1987Larry Shute