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What is the Birdie Club?

The Birdie Club is a player performance-based fund drive to get Junior Tour members involved in community outreach. This will help juniors gain a greater sense of pride and accomplishment beyond their performance during Junior Tour events. The Birdie Club supports the Northern Ohio PGA Section Foundation and its initiatives including providing college scholarships to high school seniors, financial assistance to junior tour players, grants to local charities, and providing golf clubs to children financially in need.

You will ask family, friends, and neighbors for pledges to support you throughout the junior tour season. Donors may pledge a dollar amount per birdie or per par or simply donate a flat donation towards your goal.

It is free to sign up and upon signing up you will receive a Birdie Club t-shirt in your size as well as your marketing materials to start raising money! Besides feeling good about helping your community, perhaps the best part about this program is the ability to put the Birdie Club on your college applications!

The winner of the 2022 Birdie Club is who raises the most amount of money, no matter how many birdies are scored throughout the entire season.
Are you afraid that you won't make many birdies? Donors can pledge per par too! The 2022 Birdie Club will continue through the Kenny Novak Tour Championship in July. The junior member who raises the most money in 2022 will receive a Bushnell V5 Rangefinder. After the 2022 junior tour season is complete, birdies are totaled and donors will be sent their invoices to be paid. After all donations have been collected, a winner will be named.

How Do I sign up?
How Do I Make a Pledge?