Hall of Fame

The Northern Ohio PGA Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to honor those Northern Ohio PGA Members who have made great contributions to the Northern Ohio Section and to the PGA of America.

The criteria used to select potential inductees include they must be age 55 and Older, must have been a member of the Section 10 years or PGA of America Quarter Century Member, and must have displayed excellence in one or more of the following categories: service, playing, promotion, teaching, coaching, and leadership.

The nominees are selected each year by the Northern Ohio PGA Hall of Fame Committee which consists of all current Hall of Fame Members.


2022 Hall of Fame Inductee: Bill Reilly, PGA

2022Bill Reilly
2021Scott Sundstrom
2020Judd Stephenson
2019Craig Murray
2018Brad Apple/Randy Iceman
2017Rod Johnston/Tom Waitrovich
2016Bob Bourne/Tom Herzan
2015Ron Tristano
2014Grange Alves/Tony Milam/Gary Trivisonno
2013Mitch Camp/Chad Seymour
2012Joe Kristosik/ Jay Spitale
2011Mike Limback / Bob Nye
2010Craig Immel / Gary Wilkins
2009Dr. William Powell / Bob Barto / Gary Robison
2008Dominic Antenucci / Joe Flogge
2007Tom Fussaro / Paul Tirpak
2006Greg Fish / Charlie Wood
2005Herb Page / Deon Good
2004Frank Harned / Joe Haase
2003Renee Powell / Charlie Stock
2002Duff Lawrence / Jim Chapman
2001George Valetine / Frank Wharton
2000Don Padgett II / Don Kotnik
1999Leo Zampedro / John Rainieri
1998Bill Cox / Martin Roesink
1997Joe Nageotte / Rich Casabella
1996George Bellino / Marty Cromb / Jim Logue
1995Larry Fink / Bernie Haas
1994Hans Merrell / Bill Barbour, Sr
1993Howard Morrette / Don Perne
1992Al Espinosa / George Bigham
1991Charlie Sifford / Bobby Nichols
1990Bob Hamrich / Harold Paddock / Frank Stranahan
1989Larry Shute / Henry Picard / Joe Guysick
1988Ralph Bond / Herman Lang / Bertie Way / Tommy Armour
1987Harry Moffitt / Herman Keiser / Bill Burke / Denny Shute / Byron Nelson