2022Mark Scott, Jr.
2021Drew Pierson
2020Randy Dietz
2019Randy Dietz
2018Jim Troy
2017Mark Evans
2016Mark Evans
2015Casey Schrader
2014Rob Moss
2013Mark Evans
2012Dennis Miller
2011Mitch Flemming
2010Jaysen Hansen
2009Jaysen Hansen
2008Todd Lancaster
2007Jon Jones
2006Jon Jones
2005Gary Robison
2004Gary Trivisonno
2003Tony Adcock
2002Tom Atchison
2001Mitch Camp
2000Dennis Miller
1999Larry Manski
1998Gary Trivisonno
1997Eric Morgan
1996Gary Trivisonno
1995Gary Robison
1994Mike Bittner
1993Bryan Abbott
1992Jimmie Brothers
1991Ron Contini
1990Jay Spitale
1989Gary Robison
1988Mike Bittner
1987Mitch Camp
1986Danny Simmons
1985Craig Immel
1984Craig Murray
1983Craig Immel
1982Jim Logue
1981Frank Wharton
1980Jim Masserio
1979Bryan Abbott
1978Martin Roesink
1977Martin Roesink
1976Bryan Abbott
1975Gene Ferrell
1974George Bellino
1973George Bellino

The Northern Ohio PGA Match Play Championship consists of three divisions: Regular Division, Apprentice Division, and Senior Division. Those listed to the left are the Regular Division Champions. It is competed in a week-long competition with at least four matches played to determine the champion.