Merchandiser of the Year

The Merchandiser of the Year Award is designed to recognize those PGA Professionals who have excelled as business persons / merchandisers in the promotion of golf. The PGA honors PGA Professionals in three categories: Private, Public and Resort facilities.


2021 Private Merchandiser of the Year: Jason Hastings

Trent Maxwell Award Winner 2021

2021 Public Merchandiser of the Year: Trent Maxwell

YearPublic WinnerPrivate WinnerResort Winner
2021Trent MaxwellJason Hastings
2020Brian TolnarBill McKinley
2019Trent MaxwellChad Kitzmiller
2018Brian TolnarMeghann Stem
2017Trent MaxwellJaysen HansenRyan Spicer
2016Brian TolnarEric MorganRyan Spicer
2015Trent MaxwellMichael SpiechDon Karns
2014Trent MaxwellMark SierakRyan Spicer
2013Dan DaukMark SierakOlle Karlstrom
2012Dennis MillerMark SierakDon Karns
2011Scott PollackChad BainDon Karns
2010Trent MaxwellRon DeJacimoOlle Karlstrom
2009Scott PollackDavid MotticeTony Gredianus
2008Jeff WillisTom WaitrovichOlle Karlstrom
2007Dan DaukDavid DinanOlle Karlstrom
2006Jeff WillisMike HeisterkampOlle Karlstrom
2005Dan DaukEric MorganJim Murphy
2004Herb PageDavid EngramOlle Karlstrom
2003Jeff WillisMark GoreOlle Karlstrom
2002Jim WiseCharlie StoneOlle Karlstrom
2001Jeff WillisMike HeisterkampOlle Karlstrom
2000Dan DaukDavid GrafMark Gore
1999Tim AusperkJudd StephensonJohn Diana
1998Jeff WillisTom Waitrovich
1997Joe LombardiMitch Camp
1996Paul McMullinGary RobisonJohn Diana
1995Joe LombardiTom HerzanJim Murphy
1994Steve BrzytwaJim LogueEd Laniewicz
1993Herb PageDominic AntenucciEd Laniewicz
1992Herb PageD.Antenucci / D.Snyder
1991Herb PageTom HerzanTony Milam
1990Herb PageGregg MatthusTony Milam
1989Paul TirpakJim LogueJoe Kristosik
1988Herb PageCraig MurrayTony Milam