Alex Weiss

Ohio Open Champions

2022Jordan Gilkison
2021Jake McBride
2020Alex Weiss
2019Stephen Gangluff
2018 Stephen Gangluff
2017Chase Wilson
2016Tim Crouch
2015Justin Lower
2014Tim Ailes
2013Colin Biles
2012Justin Lower
2011Mike Emery
2010Bob Sowards
2009Vaughn Snyder
2008Tyler Riley
2007Eric Frishette
2006Danny Sahl
2005Rob Moss
2004Bob Sowards
2003Ryan Dennis
2002Bob Sowards
2001Rob Moss
2000Ken Tanigawa
1999Rob Moss
1998Chris Black
1997Nevin Sutcliffe
1996Dennis Miller
1995Ivan Smith
1994Chris Smith
1993Mitch Camp
1992Chris Smith
1991Jack Ferenz
1990Bruce Soulsby
1989Tony Mollica
1988Don Padgett
1987Joe Kruczek
1986Gary Robison
1985Mitch Camp
1984Roy Hobson
1983Gene Boni
1982Walter Cerrato
1981Kim Boehlke
1980Jim Logue
1979Gary Trivisonno
1978Robert Lewis
1977Gene Ferrell
1976Martin Roesink
1975Todd Crandall
1974Deon Good
1973Dick Plummer
1972Bob Wynn
1971Bob Wynn
1970Bob Wynn
1969Cliff Cook, Sr.
1968Frank Wharton
1967Frank Boyton, Jr.
1966Frank Boyton, Jr.
1965Tom Weiskopf
1964Don Stickney
1963Bob Shave, Jr.
1962Bob Shave, Jr.
1961Frank Stranahan
1960Frank Stranahan
1959Lee Raymond
1958Bob Shave, Jr.
1957Edward Griffiths
1956Jack Nicklaus
1955Billy Burke
1954Dick Shoemaker
1953Dick Shoemaker
1952Frank Gelhot
1951Herman Keiser
1950Denny Shute
1949Herman Keiser
1948Frank Stranahan
1947Al Marchi
1946John Krisko
1945Billy Burke
1944Maurice J. McCarthy Jr.
1943No Tournament
1942Byron Nelson
1941Byron Nelson
1940Byron Nelson
1939Billy Burke
1938Billy Burke
1937Phil Perkins
1936Al Espinosa
1935Ted Luther
1934Lloyd Gullickson
1933Al Espinosa
1932Al Espinosa
1931Denny Shute
1930Denny Shute
1929Denny Shute
1928Jack Thompson Jr.
1927Albert Alcroft
1926Larry Nabholtz
1925Larry Nabholtz
1924Emmett French
1923Stephen Zappe
1922Emmett French
1921Grange Alves

The Ohio Open is the Ohio state open golf tournament, open to both amateur and professional golfers. It is organized by the Northern Ohio section of the PGA of America. It was first played in 1921 and has been played annually (with minor disruptions) at a variety of courses around the state.

Past Champions include: Tom Weiskopf, Frank Stranahan, Jack Nicklaus, Billy Burke, Herman Keiser, Denny Shute, and Byron Nelson.