2014 Groove Rule Change

Update on Grooves

In 2010, the United States Golf Association created a condition of competition for golf club grooves and punch marks that organizations could implement which reduced volume and sharpness for all clubs except drivers and putters.  Since then, the Northern Ohio PGA Section has not elected to implement that condition as it was more of a recommendation than a requirement.

New Groove Rule Pic

However, for 2014, the policy will change for three Northern Ohio PGA major Championships.
The PGA of America now requires that at any qualifying event for the three PGA of America National Championships, the condition of competition must be used. So, please prepare to use conforming equipment at the following events:

  • -N.Ohio PGA Senior Professional Championship – Club Walden –August 14-15
  • -N.Ohio PGA Assistant Professional Championship – Shawnee CC – September 2
  • -N. Ohio PGA Professional Championship – Beechmont CC – August 25-27
  • If you need to research equipment, please visit www.usga.org/grooves or contact us at the Northern Ohio PGA.