PGA PerformanceTrak

PGA PerformanceTrak in Cooperation with the NGCOA is an alliance research program that delivers “data and tools” to support PGA Professionals, owners and the industry in managing and evaluating the performance of their facility. Monthly Rounds Played data collection and reporting is one key element of PGA PerformanceTrak in Cooperation with the NGCOA.

Access PerformanceTrak

Why Use PerformanceTrak

  • It takes a few minutes to submit and you gain access to a multitude of information.
  • PerformanceTrak methodology uses “paired data”. Each rounds played response has a current month/current year figure and an accompanying current month/prior year comparison.
  • All data submitted is reviewed for data quality. You can be confident PerformanceTrak has the most accurate and reliable data in the industry.
  • PerformanceTrak provides detailed rounds played and revenue data values, not just percent changes.
  • Receive MSR credit for online and timely participation.
  • There are online comparative reports so you know how yourfacility is performing against similar facilities.
  • Support your PGA Section and your fellow PGA Professionals by increasing consistent participation.
  • Authorized users have access to facility specific reports such as the “My Facility” report option, among others.
  • The reports are in real time and can be drilled down by local market, state, holes, facility type, etc.
  • Industry knowledge and use of the program increases your credibility and value as an employee, manager and/or leader.
  • Data submission is stored securely through PGALinks so in the event you lose your POS system or computer crashes, it is saved within PerformanceTrak.
  • It helps you make better business decisions as an owner/operator so you can evaluate your performance and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Utilizing PerformanceTrak can improve the relationship between employer and employee.
  • When participating by the 22nd each month, receive access to online reports by the 25th.
  • Reports can help you assess how you plan to address the facility business and assist with budgeting.
  • Reports can be used for meetings and/or presentations to provide a Board, facility owner or employer with information.
  • It helps to prepare PGA Professionals for management or operational positions.
  • This program will also be a key measure for Golf 2.0 strategies.

PerformanceTrak Representatives are available Monday through Friday to personally assist PGA Professionals. Support is provided to help you get started and to help you with generating reports. (800) 477-6465 Ext. 8574.