PGA Magazine Spotlight

Nick Paez, PGA is featured in the “Instruction” section of the May Issue of PGA Magazine.

Posted Courtesy: PGA

Nick Paez, PGA: Develop a Practice Plan for Peak Performance

“In 2001, I accepted my first position as a teaching professional at a private club. I had some success with players, and my lesson book filled up quickly. But I would also ask my members who didn’t take lessons why they stayed away from golf instruction. The typical response was, “I would take lessons, but I don’t want to get worse before I get better.” That really struck a chord with me, and I wanted to make sure that wasn’t happening to my students.

That’s when I decided to develop a program that would help players improve their technique and – at the very least – play no worse than at their regular level before our changes took effect and started leading to lower scores and handicaps….read more