Department of Labor Proposed Overtime Regulations

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“President Obama announced on June 30 that the Department of Labor (DOL) would propose overtime regulations that would entitle overtime pay to most salaried workers earning less than $50,440 a year. The President indicated that the proposed rule was part of his effort to grow the middle class. The DOL published its “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” in the Federal Register on July 6, and invited comments prior to September 4. The Rule would raise the salary threshold under which salaried executive, administrative and professional workers are entitled to overtime pay. The threshold would increase from $455/week ($23,660 a year) to $970/week ($50,440 a year).The PGA of America collaborated with allied golf organizations (CMAA, GCSAA, NCA, and NGCOA) to submit industry-wide comments to the Department of Labor, prior to the Sept. 4 deadline. Following the Department of Labor’s analysis of the written comments to the proposed rule, a final rule will likely be issued in 2016 with an accelerated implementation period of approximately 90 days. It is important that the golf industry is aware of the regulation and informs its members about the impending implementation, and also engages in strategic planning and budgeting for employees and clubs.More