NOPGA Conducted 500 Free Lessons

Northern Ohio PGA Professional conducted 500 free 10-minute lessons during the 2019 North Coast Golf Show which was held February 15-17 at the Cleveland IX Center. The North Coast Golf Show is the year’s largest presentation of equipment, apparel and accessories in the Northern Ohio region.

This year, the NOPGA section offered local golf fans free, 10-minute lessons. Section members and apprentices worked one-on-one with golfers of all skill levels. These PGA professionals performed swing analyses, addressed problem areas, and offered tips on techniques and drills the person could use to improve.

Over the three-day event, the NOPGA conducted more than 500 lessons with students of all capabilities, backgrounds and ages.

In addition, the NOPGA took the event stage where our members and apprentices gave 50-minute talks on a variety of golf topics, including fitness, the rules of the game, chipping and shot selection.

“Thanks to the 21 NOPGA members and apprentices who sacrificed their free time to support our free lesson initiative,” said Dominic Antenucci, PGA, Executive Director of the NOPGA. “Every year, this show reminds us of the thriving golf community throughout Northern Ohio, and how hungry we all are for the winter to be over and the season to start.”

#ThxPGAPro to our members who volunteered their time to give lessons and conduct the stage presentations!

Cary Bonham, Bill Germana, Chris Sturges, Bill Reilly, Frank Whites, Dirk Harman, Mike Martin, Bob Short, John Grimm,
Terry Clark, Erin Craig, Steve Vaughn, Todd Casabella, Joe Meglen, Steve Duhon, Rich Danch, Mike Dessecker, Chris Lawson, Dan Banks, and Nate Miklos.