Meet Team NOPGA Competing in the Inaugural Junior Ohio Cup

Cleveland, OH – 16 Northern Ohio PGA Junior Tour members competed all season long for a spot to represent the Northern Ohio PGA at the inaugural Junior Ohio Cup presented by Cobra Puma Golf! These players will head to Westfield Country Club’s South Course in Westfield Center, OH October 28-29 to compete against juniors from the Southern Ohio PGA in this Ryder Cup style event.

Let’s meet Team NOPGA!

Captain: Drew Pierson, PGA
Drew is the proud owner and operator of ‘The Clubhouse Cleveland,’ an esteemed indoor facility located in Beachwood, OH. His dedication to golf is further demonstrated by his role as a Junior Golf Committee co-chair on the Northern Ohio PGA Board of Directors. Notably, Drew contributed his skills to the 2022 Northern Ohio PGA Ohio Cup Team. In his capacity as captain, Drew will assume the responsibility of coaching and meticulously selecting partners for the forthcoming event.

“I am truly honored to have been selected as the Captain to represent Team NOPGA in the Inaugural Junior Ohio Cup. It’s an incredible privilege to lead and guide the best juniors in our region. I am looking forward to the event and two great days of competition.” – Drew Pierson, PGA

Representing the Northern Ohio Girls are:

Gracyn Vidovic emerges as our 16-19 Player of the Year, having engaged in 11 NOPGA Junior Tour events during the 2023 season. Vidovic maintained a commendable scoring average of 78.2, marked by a standout round of 73. Impressively, she clinched victory in 4 out of the 11 events she contested.

Emily Burling actively participated in a total of 12 events within the NOPGA Junior Tour this summer. Her skillset led her to triumph in 3 of these 12 events. Burling consistently maintained a scoring average of 80.50, punctuated by an outstanding round of 72.

Alex Vardon prominently competed in 16 events throughout the NOPGA Junior Tour this summer, showcasing a remarkable tally of 13 top-10 finishes. Notably, Vardon achieved a notable low round of 77, a feat achieved during the esteemed Junior PGA Section Championship at Oberlin in June.

Julia Van Bokkelen, an avid competitor, partook in an impressive total of 29 NOPGA Junior Tour events over the summer season. Among these, her stellar performance led to 15 top-10 finishes. Van Bokkelen’s unwavering commitment to the sport establishes her as a valuable asset to the NOPGA team.

Annelise Stencel admirably participated in 15 events as part of the NOPGA Junior Tour throughout the summer. Of these appearances, she secured a commendable 10 top-10 finishes. Stencel’s display of skill was further underscored by her low round of 78 at Chippewa in July.

Brooklyn Millard’s triumphant victory in the Junior PGA Section Championship at Oberlin Golf Club, with rounds of 73-76, exemplifies her talent. Her inclusion in the NOPGA Team promises to infuse a competitive spirit, making her a notable addition.

Serena Wu’s exceptional performance earned her the coveted title of Player of the Year in the Girls 11-15 Division, alongside her triumph in the Kenny Novak Tour Championship within her division. Wu’s impressive scoring average of 77.73 across 22 rounds further highlights her skill. Remarkably, she secured victory in an impressive 11 events during the summer on our Tour, solidifying her as a valuable member of the NOPGA Team.

Kristina Chill’s skillset secured her a well-deserved spot on the girl’s roster for Team NOPGA. Her victory in 4 out of 13 events she competed in attests to her skill, with a notable low-round of 71 this season. Chill’s inclusion promises to introduce a competitive edge to the NOPGA.

Representing the Northern Ohio Boys are:

Aryan Ahlawat, our 16-19 Player of the Year, a title well-deserved after an impressive showing in 28 NOPGA Junior Tour events this summer. His commitment yielded two triumphant victories, enhancing his competitive record. With a remarkable low tournament round of 68, Ahlawat brings a competitive edge to our team.

Sion Park, a distinguished presence on the NOPGA Junior Tour, boasts a remarkable scoring average of 75.39. Park’s undeniable talent led to an exceptional accomplishment of clinching victory in 5 events on our tour this summer. His notable achievement of securing 2nd place in the Junior PGA Section Championship sent him on to the national event this August.

Daniel Gambone displayed his skillset over 14 NOPGA Junior Tour events during the 2023 season. Gambone’s remarkable victory in the prestigious Junior PGA Section Championship at Oberlin in June, propelled by rounds of 74-72, exemplified his skill and determination. Gambone’s drive and unwavering commitment to the sport compliments the competitive strength of the NOPGA team.

Ryan Dinan’s participation in 12 events across the 2023 NOPGA Junior Tour season showcased his skill, resulting in an impressive scoring average of 75.00. Dinan’s remarkable performance materialized in a low round of 68 during the Windmill Lakes event in July. His consistent and proficient play renders him a valuable asset to Team NOPGA.

Ben Scheeff earned his rightful place on the team following an impressive summer campaign, marked by a tournament victory and an impressive scoring average of 76.07. Scheeff’s unwavering dedication to the sport adds immeasurable value to our team’s composition.

Trey Lautenschleger’s selection for Team NOPGA is a testament to his exceptional performance across 14 events. Lautenschleger celebrated his first victory on our tour at Avon Oaks, delivering an outstanding score of 71. This astounding achievement is further underscored by his presence in the top-10 ranking in eleven out of fourteen events.

Dexter James, earning the 14-15 Player of the Year, participated in an extraordinary 27 events. His notable scoring average of 79.86 was accompanied by an exceptional seven tournament victories. James’s undeniable passion and dedication towards the game positions him as a pivotal asset to our team.

Ryan Czenszak rounds out the boys side of Team NOPGA. A strong season saw Czenszak playing in 20 events throughout the season. He recorded 18 top-ten finishes and had 4 wins to lock up his spot on Team NOPGA.

Team NOPGA will head to Westfield Country October 28 and 29 to go head to head against the best juniors from the Southern Ohio PGA.