PGA Magazine Spotlight

Faith Egli, PGA is featured in the Women & Golf Section on She suggests letting women win the shop discounts.

Posted: February 13, 2014
Courtesy: PGA Magazine
Faith Egli, a two-time Midwest LPGA Section Golf Professional of the Year and the 2011 Midwest LPGA Section Goldie Bateson Award winner, is the Midwest LPGA Section’s vice president and the PGA and LPGA general manager and director of golf at Mohawk Golf and Country Club in Tiffin, Ohio.

Faith Egli on the importance of letting your women golfers win their golf shop discounts:

On our women’s opening day, we run a scramble with each person winning shop discounts based on their team’s number of birdies. Every player automatically receives 10 percent off, making everyone a winner. But for every additional birdie that a team makes, each player receives an additional 10 percent off any ladies clothing items purchased on that day. Their winnings are only good for that one day and we cap the discount at 50 percent. The golf shop has our largest sales day of the season on ladies wear, since their discount is only valid that day. It is a win-win for everyone and a lot of fun! There is definitely something empowering about winning your discounts verses being given a discount.

Faith Egli on the business impact of letting your women golfers win their golf shop discounts:

On opening day, the golf shop sees a 200 percent increase in women’s clothing sales verses a regular ladies day. We use this game to clear out the previous year’s inventory and make room for new arrivals. By capping the discount at 50 percent, we do not lose any money, even if most teams max out the game with five birdies. This event also gets the ladies into the shop to check out all of our merchandise.