MSR Self Posting Feature

The PGA of America has recently unveiled the new MSR Self-Post feature on PGALinks. Members are now able to self-post selected MSR activities directly online via PGALinks. The pre-determined activities available for Members to self-post are from Box #2 Service to the Industry (M06), Box #3 Golf Coach (M07) and Box #7 Media Related Articles (M09). All the rules that are currently in place regarding the
number of credits awarded and maximum credits that can be awarded have been built into this process.

Members can access the self-post feature by clicking on the toolbar for Education or for Membership, then MSR Requirements. In addition, there is a self-post link on the Member’s Home Page just beneath the Required and Earned summary. Also, PGALinks Form #108, How to Earn Member Service Requirement credits, has also been updated with an active link
from which the member can access the self-posting screen.

If you need any assistance with this process, please contact the PGA of America at (800) 474-2776. The Section office will still post MSR credits for Members by contacting a Section Staff Member at (216) 765-1214.