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Ron Tristano, PGA and the Ron Tristano Golf Course (formerly Challenge Golf Course) are featured in the December issue of PGA Magazine in the Section News Section.

Posted Courtesy: Keith Moehring/PR 20/20

Celebrating 25 Years and an Inspiring PGA Professional

In September, the Akron General Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Institute Challenge Golf program celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Challenge Golf program opened in 1989 to offer special golf training classes for those suffering disabilities, including stroke, amputation, brain injury or neuromuscular disorder.

With more than 15,000 lessons given since 2,000, not only does the program help participants learn how to overcome or work through disabilities, but it creates a sense of independence and enjoyment many believed they had lost.

Ron Tristano, PGA, has been with the program since its inception. He was originally brought in to help with the construction of a new handicap-accessible golf facility, and has stayed on to managed the program ever since.

At the 25th anniversary celebration, Akron General Health Systems president and CEO, Dr. Thomas Stover, announced that the Challenge Golf Course was recently renamed in honor of Tristano—The Ron Tristano Golf Course.

“It is a relatively small token of appreciation to a man whose passion, imagination and dedication has positively impact the lives of so many throughout our section,” said Dominic Antenucci, executive director of the NOPGA.

The Ron Tristano Golf Course features three holes, all of which have wheelchair-accessible cart paths, handrails on the tees, and slope inclines of no more than eight percent. It also includes an indoor facility where golf lessons continue year round. At the time of its opening, it was the only course in the nation designed for those with disabilities.

In addition to renaming the course, a hole was dedicated to Tom McKinney, PGA, for his role in designing and building the course.

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By: Keith Moehring