PGA Marketing Resource Center

For those individuals looking to promote themselves and their facility’s events, comes an invaluable tool – the new Marketing Resource Center. Formerly known as the PGA Pro-Motion & the Creative Resource Center, this enhanced site is located on PGALinks under the Player Development and Get Golf Ready tabs.
Offering a variety of tools and resources to design creative materials, this site also provides
marketing and public relations options, as well as options for event management with the PGA’s Program Manager, which is built on Ac-tive Works. With a variety of customizable resources and the information to help you along the way, the Marketing Resource Center allows Members to cater marketing and public relations to their specific needs.

Each page of the site gives an array of possibilities to customize and enhance ways of promoting your business. The Creative Materials page gives the options of creating items such as printed materials, email templates, and web banners that can be customized using your own material or using templates that have been created for you. There are also material s such as video ads, radio ads, and logos.
There is also the option to select specific programs like Get Golf Ready and PGA Junior League Golf to address your specific material needs. You can self-print or upload your material to OfficeMax, as well as select a variety of products for your printing needs.

The Marketing & PR Resources page has tutorials on how to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to create ads to promote your business. There is even information on how to use the Active Network to create a marketing action plan and how to optimize your profile to help draw in new business. There is also information on using the Active Network to manage your events, as well as a
link to set up an account. PGA Headquarters is currently in the process of creating software to allow you to be able to create a custom online form in order to collect customer data and grow your database.
With all of these resources there is an ample amount of support, such as webinars, tutorials, and PowerPoints to help you along the way – giving step by step instructions on how to utilize and
implement these tools. There is even a welcome video, as well as a comment box and support request box to contact a staff member for assistance.

We hope that the Marketing Resource Center not only helps you promote your business and events, but is another professional resource to show that our Members are truly the experts in the game and business of golf.

Courtesy: PGA of America & Matt Sullivan