PGA PerformanceTrak Update

May 2012 rounds were up 10.1% and days open were up 4.3% compared to May 2011, based on paired data. Again this month, each reporting group showed increases in rounds played which was supported by the significant increase in days open versus last year. This is now the seventh month in a row with an increase in rounds played. Private facilities were up 9.9%, Daily Fee / Semi Private facilities were up 11.0%, Municipal facilities were up 9.1% and Resort facilities were up 4.7% this month. May 2012 had eight weekend days while May 2011 had nine. YTD 2012 rounds played are up 19.1% and YTD days open are up 17.9%. For YTD figures, the increase in days open may explain a portion of the rounds played increases. May results are based on useable responses from 2,698 facilities.

May 2012 Revenue Summary

May 2012 also continues the increase in monthly revenues compared to May 2011 for all four of the revenue metrics tracked by PerformanceTrak. For May YTD 2012, golf fee revenue was up 16.5%, merchandise revenue was up 16.1%, food & beverage revenue was up 12.5% and total facility revenue was up 8.2% compared to May YTD 2011 data.