West Team Repeats As Assistants Cup Champions!

For the first time in match history Team West retains the East-West Assistants Cup. Captain Morgan guided his team to 9-7 victory at the, Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, Ohio. Now in its 13th Year the East-West Assistants Ohio Cup tradition continues to gain momentum. This Ryder cup style event features the top eight players from the East and West Sides of the Northern Ohio PGA.

East Team
Captain- Mark Sierak
Adam Stinogle
Garrett Korte
Blake Nienhuis
Jordan Paolini
Tyler McHugh
Adam Lewicki
Sam Wilding
Jake Houston

West Team
Captain- Eric Morgan
Cory Kumpf
John Powers
Asa Donaldson
Dustin Lieber
Matt McMahon
Mark Scott
Shelby Thompson
Trevor Thomas

Round #1 – Fourball Matches
Powers/Scott def. Paolini/Stinogle, 1 Up
Nienhuis/McHugh def. Lieber/McMahon, 3&2
Kumpf/Thompson def. Lewicki/Houston, 1 Up
Thomas/Donaldson def. Korte/Wilding, 1 Up
West – 3 East- 1

Round #2 – Foursomes Matches
Lewicki/Houston def. Powers/Scott, 3&2
Lieber /McMahon def. Paolini/Stinogle, 6&5
Thomas/Donaldson def. Korte/Nienhuis, 3&2
Wilding/McHugh vs. Kumpf/Thompson, Halved
West-2 ½ East- 1 ½

Round #3 – Single Matches
Kumpf def. Stinogle, 6&5
Paolini def. McMahon, 1 Up
Powers def. Nienhuis, 4&3
Wilding vs. Scott, Halved
McHugh def. Lieber, 3&2
Houston def. Thompson, 2&1
Donaldson def. Lewicki, 3&2
Korte def. Thomas, 2&1
West- 3 ½ East- 4 ½

Final Results – West – 9 to East – 7