The PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award is one of the highest honors the Association can bestow on a working club professional whose total contributions to the game best exemplify the complete PGA Professional. This award embraces a wide range of services executed by the club professional such as outstanding leadership abilities, strong moral character, and outstanding service to the Association and the game of golf.


2023 Golf Professional of the Year: Brian Tolnar

2023Brian Tolnar
2022Mark Sierak
2021Renee Powell
2020Gary Robison
2019Scott Sundstrom
2018Jack McKelvey
2017David Champagne
2016Matt Creech
2015Chuck Radabaugh
2014Tom Waitrovich
2013Mike Heisterkamp
2012Chad Seymour
2011Judd Stephenson
2010Rob Moss
2009Mike Heisterkamp
2008Bill Reilly
2007Jimmy Hanlin
2006Charlie Wood
2005Chad Seymour
2004Charlie Wood
2003Bill Reilly
2002Joe Flogge
2001Paul Tirpak
2000Joe Haase
1999Craig Murray
1998Tom Fussaro
1997Rod Johnston
1996Joe Haase
1995Jim Logue
1994Martin Roesink
1993Don Kotnik
1992Dan Priest
1991Don Kotnik
1990Dominic Antenucci
1989Rich Casabella
1988Charlie Wood
1987Jim Logue
1986Greg Moore
1985Charlie Stock
1984Greg Moore
1983Leo Zampedro
1982Mike Limback
1981Jim Logue
1980George Bellino
1979Bernie Alleman
1978Larry Shute
1977Bill Cox
1976Pat LaConte
1975Jim Chapman
1974Bob Hamrich