Teacher of the Year

2019Trevor Hazen
2018Andy Santor
2017Todd Casabella
2016Noah Horstman
2015Nick Paez
2014Noah Horstman
2013Jason Reddington
2012Nick Paez
2011Steve Parker
2010Steve Mulcahy
2009Steve Parker
2008Jon Jones
2007Ross Keen
2006Bob Bourne
2005Leo Zampedro
2004Jeff Daves
2003John Fiander
2002Bob Bourne
2001Ron Tristano
2000Scott Pollack
1999Bill Cox
1998Leo Zampedro
1997John Jasinksi
1996Charlie Stone
1995Frank DiSanto
1994Leo Zampedro
1993Rod Johnston
1992Mike Mural
1991George Bigham
1990Carrie Conrad
1989Bob Hamrich
1988Jim Logue
1987Bill Davis

The Teacher of the Year Award is designed to recognize a PGA Professional who is an outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of PGA membership. This award is based on a professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs initiated or implemented; articles published; as well as outstanding golfers the professional has instructed.