The PGA Junior Golf Leader Award recognizes the PGA Professional who is a leader in junior golf and who reflects the ideals of those who work with youth such as involvement in the promotion and development of junior golf at the club level,support of National junior golf programs,proven interest,concern and ability to provide opportunities and experience for junior to learn and play golf.


2023 Youth Player Development Award: Mary Suitca

2023Mary Suitca
2022Meghann Glass-Stem
2021Jim Wise
2020Erin Craig
2019Jennifer Creech
2018Greg Andrego
2017Jim Wise
2016Dan Banks
2015Noah Horstman
2014David Morgan
2013Milton Carswell
2012Judd Stephenson
2011Tony Milam
2010Jim Beers
2009Jim Beers
2008Mitch Camp
2007Kevin Sullivan
2006Dave Moskal
2005Mitch Camp
2004Chad Seymour
2003Jay Spitale
2002Mitch Camp
2001Chad Seymour
2000Mitch Camp
1999Herb Page
1998Joel Piekarski
1997Chuck Redmond
1996Jeff Staker
1995Tony Milam
1994Bruce Jenkins
1993Joe Haase
1992Greg Fish
1991Danny Panek
1990Dominic Antenucci
1989Don Kotnik
1988George Valentine