2023Drew Pierson
2022Todd Casabella
2021Chad Kitzmiller
2020Todd Casabella
2019Randy Iceman
2018Trent Maxwell
2017Ron DeJacimo
2016Renee Powell
2015Judd Stephenson
2014Tom McKinney
2013Tom Waitrovich
2012Scott Sundstrom
2011Michael Kernicki
2010Tom Waitrovich
2009Tom Waitrovich
2008Cliff Purtilo
2007Chad Seymour
2006Cliff Purtilo
2005Cliff Purtilo
2004Cliff Purtilo
2003Tom Waitrovich
2002David Pfeiffer
2001Michael Spiech
2000Tim Bennett
1999Bill Reilly
1998David Graf
1997Joe Nageotte
1996Rod Johnston
1995Tim Bennett
1994Joe Haase
1993Dave Moskal
1992Don Perne
1991Joe Nageotte
1990Craig Immel
1989Joe Nageotte
1988Bill Davis
1987Bill Cox
1986Don Kotnik
1985Don Kotnik
1984Craig Immel
1983Greg Fish
1982Don Kotnik
1981Joe Nageotte
1980Don Kotnik
1979Don Kotnik
1978Don Kotnik

The PGA Professional Development Award recognizes the PGA Professional who is the model educator of PGA Golf Professionals. This award is designed to give special recognition to an individual PGA Professional for outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.


2023 Professional Development Award: Drew Pierson