Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child is 12 years of age and would like to play in the Junior PGA Championship.
A: This tour is for juniors 13-18 only who have not begun college.

Q: How many tours does the Northern Ohio PGA have?
A: The Northern Ohio PGA has five tours out of our Northern Ohio PGA office (NOPGA).

  • Northern Ohio PGA Junior Tour(Kenny Novak Championship)
  • The PUPS Tour
  • The PGA Junior Championship
  • The Collegiate Preview
  • Fall Fun Days With Friends

Q: What is the cost to play in a NOPGA event?
A: There is a membership fee of $85.00 and then an entry fees for each event.

  • Northern Ohio PGA Kenny Novak Tour $48.00 (18 holes)
  • PGA Junior Championship $70.00 (18 holes) $95.00 (36 holes)

Q: Can my junior play in more than one qualifier?
A: They may play in as many qualifiers as they like.

Q: Is there a membership fee to play in the Northern Ohio PGA junior events?
A: Yes, there is a $85.00 fee to join the Northern Ohio PGA Junior Golf Tours. The $85.00 will cover all tours. Please go to – click on Junior Golf. When you come to our junior home page, click on the registration and membership box. You will need your American Express, MasterCard or Visa for the on-line membership fee payment.

Q: Can I withdraw from an event after I register on-line?
A: You may cancel an event at a cancellation fee of $5.00 before the deadline. After the deadline there will be no refunds for any reason.

Q: What are the different types of payment methods for the qualifiers?
A: All entries will be on-line registration only with your credit card or debit card by the deadline date. On-line registration allows you to register up to the deadline time and gives you a confirmation number. It is fast and easy. First, you must join the Northern Ohio Junior Golf Tours on-line before the system will allow you to play in any event.

Q: Why can’t I enter after the deadline date?
A: The Northern Ohio PGA has hired the BlueGolf Registration system and it shuts down on the deadline date.

Q: Can you put my junior with his friend so that we can car pool or can he play earlier because of another appointment?
A: We cannot select a starting time for you as the BlueGolf registration system does all tee times.

Q: How will I know my junior’s tee time?
A: You may find your tee times four days before the event on our web site at and an email will be sent to you telling you that the tee times are posted. Please keep your e-mail address up to date.

Q: Why do some host golf courses allow us to walk and others do not? My child is young.
A: It is a local rule for many golf courses and we advise the parents to register at tournament site pro shop or call ahead. We have learned that tournaments sites have different rules regarding parents walking.

Q: May I give my child advice on the golf course and walk next to them?
A: If the host site allows you to walk with your junior, you must stay on the cart path and a 1/2 hole away and you are not permitted to advise your junior. Advice is against the rules of golf and may cause your junior a penalty or disqualification.

Q: If I see a problem with a junior playing golf, what should I do?
A: Contact the host PGA professional immediately and allow him to make a ruling. If it is not possible to contact the professional, have the junior hit two balls and have your host PGA
professional make the ruling when you come in. Scorers are not rules officials. Do not call the NOPGA office, as it will be too late to handle the problem.

Q: If I see a problem with a parent on the golf course what should I do?
A: Contact the host PGA professional and allow him to handle the problem. Please remember that these tours are intended for juniors who already know the game of golf. The junior tours are meant for the juniors not the parents. Parents and scorers should not give rulings or converse with players. Junior players must agree with each other about their score. If they do not come to an agreement, they must then again come to the host PGA professional at the end of their round.

Q: Why do I not get an answer when I call the PGA office?
A: The Northern Ohio PGA has 530 golf professionals and apprentice as members and due to the numerous phone calls it is not possible to answer your calls. All questions regarding junior registration and cancellation should be submitted by email to only, do not call the Northern Ohio PGA office.

Q: Why don’t I get emails when I already gave you an address?
A: You may have us set up under your spam account or your parent control may be blocking our e-mails.

Membership may be suspended or cancelled for willful disregard of the Rules of Golf, proper Golf Etiquette, or for dishonest, unsportsmanlike or unbecoming conduct of player or guardian.